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June 27, 2024

Enhancing Care with Engagement Plans

Category: Memory Care

Author: Jess Pope, Memory Care Director

An Engagement Plan captures significant details, events, and memories from a person’s life in a personalized narrative. It helps caregivers, family members, and healthcare professionals understand and connect with an individual on a deeper level. By creating an Engagement Plan, we improve the quality of care, making it more person-centered. Personal information enhances communication, providing comfort and a sense of identity for individuals with dementia.

Jessica, the memory care director, sitting on a couch with a senior resident, both smiling and interacting with a large dog standing on its hind legs.

At Vitalia Mentor, we gather this information as soon as possible, before a resident moves into our Memory Care Neighborhood. As dementia progresses, it often becomes more difficult for residents to communicate their wants, needs, and wishes. These plans help us meet their desires throughout their dementia journey.

An Engagement Plan is a comprehensive resource compiled from various sources to create a detailed resident profile. It plays a pivotal role in staff training and daily operations, enabling us to foster a deep understanding of each resident’s preferences and needs. This information is instrumental in tailoring our interactions to maximize engagement and enhance resident satisfaction.

Enhancing Comfort and Connection Through Personalized Care

The Engagement Plan is essential for assisting residents in navigating their day. It enables caregivers to personalize care for each resident, fostering deeper connections and enhancing their comfort. By gaining insights into their preferences and behaviors, we can initiate meaningful events and effectively navigate their emotional landscape. This understanding also helps identify factors that may trigger discomfort or promote well-being. By meeting residents where they are, we ensure continuity in providing events and engagement that hold significance for them.

It is imperative to acknowledge and understand the preferences and interests of your loved one. Familiarizing yourself with their priorities and aversions is essential. Facilitating their engagement in activities and establishing a supportive framework for their daily routines are foundational steps for ensuring a positive start.

Group of senior residents participating in a seated exercise class, using resistance bands, guided by an instructor in a senior living community common area.
Two senior residents engaged in a painting activity, seated at a table with easels and art supplies, working on their artwork.

Start now to prepare for your future and/or the future of your loved ones. Provide detailed information about your background, history, likes, and dislikes. Include what makes you happy, sad, and fearful. Mention any special things that bring you joy and comfort. These Engagement Plans improve caregiving, aid in emotional comfort, and facilitate communication. They also enable those around you to honor your life and ensure you receive personalized and compassionate care. You can find free templates online at and

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